Official Hesketh Raing Classic T-Shirt


Go bear-breasted..

..was the battle cry back in the mid 70s when Hesketh Racing were riding the crest of a wave, especially in terms of popularity. Their on-track endeavours were also improving quite dramatically.

The team, under the guidance of the freethinking and brilliant designer Harvey Postlethwhaite had created an iconic F1 racer in the fabled 308. They also did a sterling job in fashion by designing the highly desirable, Hesketh Racing T Shirt. After a 40 year absence this famous classic makes a welcome return.

Back in the day, Hesketh Racing fans could pick up a T Shirt, a Lapel Badge and two Stickers by filling in the little form and popping a cheque in the post for the princely sum of £2.30

Now we can't match THAT price but we think it would be a nice idea to replicate the promotion once again.


Hesketh Racing Classic T Shirt
The Biggest Little Race Team in the World

There is no better example of an ‘Against all odds’ story than the 1974 Hesketh Racing Formula 1 team. With the maverick James Hunt at the wheel of the fabled Hesketh 308 F1 car and the extravegent, 23 year old Lord Hesketh at the helm, ‘The biggest little racing team in the world’, captured the public’s imagination.

Scorned by the established teams who considered them a bunch of public school boy amateurs with no place in the sport, Hesketh Racing audaciously challenged the big boys in their own back yard, and won.

If you are going to be involved in one of the most demanding, most expensive and most dangerous sports in the world, you might as well have as much fun as you can doing it. The team arrived by Rolls-Royce, hired yachts for Monaco and had a Grand Piano in the back of Pitlane for sing songs with friends and celebraties. Champagne flowed in abundance at Hesketh Racing.